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Welcome to the NDSRT website

Student Essays Press Release

The North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists proudly announces Katie Schulte and Samuel Scattarella as the student representatives to attend the Educational Symposium and Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting. Please read the press release with the student essays.


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Conference Photos

Visit the MemberPlanet photo gallery to see photos from the conference!

Legislation Updates

The proposed NDMIRT legislation, SB2198, was passed and signed by the governor on March 15, 2017!

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Warren Freier, Our New Life Member

Warren Freier with the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) was recently awarded a life membership by the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists (NDSRT) at its 67th Annual Education Conference. “Warren has been a mentor; he is always available and so knowledgeable about the NDSRT, medical imaging, and board operations,” said NDSRT Executive Board Chair Brenda Krogen. “He seems to be able to do the work of three people.”

Warren has been a member of the NDSRT for more than 35 years. During this time, Warren has provided exceptional services above and beyond the ordinary demands and duties of personal and professional membership. He is a past NDSRT board member and has served as president-elect, president and chairman. Warren also has represented the NDSRT at the national level of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), first as a licensure committee member and most recently as a delegate to the ASRT’s annual governance meeting.

Under Warren’s guidance as president and chairman of the NDSRT board, the NDSRT was able to obtain legislative authority to license medical imaging professionals. Working with the NDDoH Women’s Way Program, Warren also was instrumental in obtaining funding to provide radiologists and technologists with high quality continuing education opportunities through the ASRT and American College of Radiology. Warren himself has conducted numerous educational presentations, and created and manned NDDoH displays for many annual NDSRT conferences.

The NDSRT Executive Board reviews life membership nominations submitted by any active NDSRT member and selects recipients by majority vote. A life membership is granted to a radiologic technologist to recognize his or her professionalism and dedication to the field of radiologic technology in North Dakota. This year the award honors Warren Freier for his long-term active involvement in providing outstanding and sustaining services to the NDSRT.

Message from the Board:

Over the past two years the NDSRT Board of Directors has worked to keep the homepage of this website updated with the most current information that we should communicate. We hope it will serve as an informative resource for all imaging and therapy technologists in the state of North Dakota. It is our plan to update the website about 4 times a year, after each board meeting. We hope you notice the difference.

This past year has kept us all quite busy. The main focus of the board is to collectively work on monitoring the licensure process to provide feedback and input to the licensure board whenever possible to help guide the process. It is very important that imaging and therapy professionals of the state stay engaged and provide guidance in the process. Currently the North Dakota Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board of Examiners (NDMIRTBE) is in the process of establishing the Administrative Rules relating to state licensure. Access the link on this page to visit the NDMIRTBE website to find out about the recent activities of the licensing board.

We do need your help. It is imperative that we represent a substantial percentage of our constituency. At the present time we only have about 1/10th of the Registered Technologists in our state as members of the NDSRT. We will have a stronger voice in legislative and licensure processes as they develop if we have an engaged and numerous membership to represent. If you are not an NDSRT member please consider joining today, if you are a member – Thank You! Please encourage other professionals you work with to also become a member.

Thank you for visiting the website.



Outstanding Grass-roots Advocacy Awards

NDSRT is honored to have received the 2016 ASRT Award for Outstanding Affiliate Grass-roots Advocacy Award. This award is given each year to an ASRT affiliate society that has demonstrated outstanding legislative or regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of the radiologic sciences community. Additionally, NDSRT Member Ann Bell-Pfeifer, B.S., R.T.(R)(M)(QM) has been awarded the 2016 ASRT Award for Outstanding Individual Grass-roots Advocacy. This award is given to a radiologic technologist who has performed outstanding legislative or regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of the radiologic sciences community.