SB 2236 - Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Licensure bill passes the Senate by a unanimous vote of 46-0!

Governor Dalrymple's proclamation of Radiolgic Technology Week in North Dakota

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Verbal Order

The associated links of this page provide background information regarding Radiologic Technologists and their fight to gain authority to take and record verbal or telephone orders in the patient medical record. The NDSRT has sent a letter to Dr. Dwelle of the North Dakota Department of Health requesting a waiver to a regulation which restricts the Radiologic Technologist from taking verbal orders.

NDSRT letter to Dr. Dwelle – NDDOH – This letter was sent by the NDSRT Board.

ASRT Scope of Practice excerpt – This document provides a partial “Scope of Practice” for Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Therapist documentation by the ASRT.

ASRT “Scope of Practice – FAQ” – This document provides a link to the ASRT’s FAQ website area which address “Verbal Orders”.

North Dakota Department of Health – Radiological Health Rules – This document identifies the unlimited scope of practice and recognizes in State law the ARRT as the organization which qualifies General Diagnostic Operators – RT’s.

Attorney General Opinion – This document is the memorandum on the rule opinion by the State of North Dakota Office of Attorney General.

Department of Health - North Dakota Hospital Association email survey – This document represents the information gathering survey composed by the Department of Health – Division of Health Facilities and disseminated through the North Dakota. Hospital Association to it’s membership

Division of Health Facilities survey recipients – This document, created by the NDSRT, identifies individuals receiving the survey and facilities they are associated with.

NDSRT Verbal Order- Licensure Survey – This document is a compilation of the recent NDSRT survey disseminated through the ASRT to the North Dakota ASRT membership.